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The Florida Department of Health is pleased to make health education more accessible to our community health partners and our dedicated DOH staff, through our Online Training Internet site.  Our goals are twofold:
  1. To provide education and training assistance to our community health partners for Chemical and Biological terrorism related issues.

  2. Provide mandatory Administrative and Continuing Education related training to DOH staff.


Training available on this site include the following topics:
  • Bioterrorism Level A Packaging and Shipping of Infectious Substances
  • Bioterrorism Level A Training
  • Bioterrorism Training (non-Level A)
  • Fire and Safety Orientation
  • HIPAA Training
  • Information Technology Security
  • Laboratory Error
  • Safety Training
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Water Microbiology
Our Biological and Chemical terrorism related goals are to:
  • Improve working relationships and communication between Level A (clinical) laboratories and Level B/C state public health laboratorories in the CDC Laboratory Response Network system.
  • Maintain active communication with Level A laboratories on a continuing basis.
  • Direct how the laboratories within the 7 Florida regional jurisdictions will respond to a bioterrorism incident, to include assistance for the Level A laboratories with enrollment in the Laboratory Response Network  proficiency testing program.
  • Enhance relationships with community laboratory practitioners, university laboratories, and infectious disease physicians.
  • Train personnel to collect, process, and transport blood and urine samples to a CDC supported laboratory for analysis of chemical agents and/or metabolic by-products.
  • Assess the need for additional Level B/C surge capacity in Florida, including a needs assessment for new Level C public health laboratories, as well as for possible upgrades for laboratories in the private sector, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and other governmental laboratories.
  • Ensure Level A facilities are trained to transport specimens to the designated Level B/C laboratory for testing.
Our mandatory Administrative and CE related training goals are to:
  • Provide newly hired staff with immediate availability of all required employee training.
  • Allow mandatory training to continue uninterrupted in the event of training personnel changes or vacancies.
  • Standardize the content of mandatory training materials to ensure uniformity of presentation and  thoroughness of content.
  • Provide continuously employed personnel with a greater flexibility option for annual training sessions.
  • Reduce demand on training staff for the number of scheduled in-person trainings necessary annually.
  • Provide Level B/C training to Bureau of Laboratory staff.
  • Ensure County Health Department staff are trained to transport Biological and/or Chemical terrorism related specimens to the designated Level B/C laboratory for testing.
  • Assist clinical laboratory staff in accruing sufficient CE units to satisfy state technician and technologist licensing requirements.
  • Assist in dissemination of new technology throughout the staff of the Bureau of Laboratories' five facilities.